On Friday morning of June 29th, in concert with actions in Hamilton, Burlington, Guelph, London, and Montreal;  community members and Ottawa GDC Local 6 marched to CLV hq offices at 485 Bank St (Bank & Argyle) to deliver a letter of demands on behalf of the East Hamilton Rent Strike to David Nevins (Vice President) […]

Endorsement of ‘cops out of CUPE’ campaign


Whereas, CUPE National President Mark Hancock is moving to ‘welcome’ RCMP intercept analysts and other officials ‘into the family’ in spite of the centuries of oppression brought by the RCMP against Black and Indigenous communities in so-called Canada.   Whereas, the historic role of the RCMP in so called Canada has been to spy on […]

Community and workplace organizing 101

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Like to get started on organizing in your community or workplace? We’ve made a short video covering the basic principles and tactics you need to get the ball rolling. If you’d like to receive further training or help with your organizing work, get in touch and we’ll help you out.     Special thank to […]

MayWorks Ottawa April 27th – May 2nd


Ottawa Local 6 are proud to be part of the MayWorks Ottawa 2018 organizing committee. We encourage all to come out over the 6 days to both celebrate and learn about our common struggles. From mayworksottawa.ca MayWorks Ottawa is a festival of working class culture that is rooted in an understanding that workers share a […]

Fundraiser for Accountability 101 Workshop


Since the #metoo campaign this past fall, the alarming number of survivors to vocalize experiences of sexual violence in the local Ottawa music community has shed light on an urgent need to develop stronger, more accessible accountability measures.  While venues have policies to help prevent sexual violence, there are minimal community procedures or support structures […]

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After a long hiatus, the Ottawa General Defense Committee Local 6 has launched with renewed commitments to community self defense. Outside the workplace, many of us face humiliating conditions at the hands of our landlords and their property management cronies. As gentrification creeps, ‘renovictions’ and other slumlord style pressure tactics are becoming the norm. But […]